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Building Something Better

At Guardify, we’re in the business of positive growth:

  • We manage risk with a holistic approach, looking at the big picture and the details.
  • We’re removing barriers to coverage and providing customized solutions to protect our clients.
  • Our revolutionary technology strategy provides our franchisees with some of the most optimized partner experiences in the industry.

Business owners have limited time and resources to help them grow and thrive. They need advisors who understand their industry’s complexity and their business’s overall risk. At Guardify, our vision is to revolutionize the insurance industry by Building Something Better. We will pioneer how business owners and individuals thrive in a world of risk – while building relationships with our franchisees built to last!

Are you knowledgeable about all lines of insurance needed to protect our clients’ complex risks? If so, we’d love to introduce you to our franchising business opportunity.

The Guardify Difference

At Guardify, we focus on you: the business owner. We shop the entire market of insurance products to build customized coverage for your business. Take the focus off your insurance and back on your success.

Why Choose Us

Our agents are continuously trained on the most up-to-date information regarding your industry. We only work with industries we know, so you can rest assured that your agent’s recommendations are trustworthy.

Employee Benefits

We work with you to achieve your company’s goals and help your employees achieve theirs. Providing an employee benefits program can be an excellent investment for your company.

Business Insurance

The importance of great insurance coverage to business success cannot be overstated. Protect your business and manage risk with Guardify’s business insurance services.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is where you live, spend time with others, seek personal comfort, and grow with friends and family. With adequate protection in place in an event, we can restore your home provide comfort again.

Auto Insurance

You don’t want to get into an accident only to discover there will be additional costs and fees associated with the collision. Working with us will review every aspect of your policy to reduce this risk.

Recreational Insurance

Whether your outdoor hobby takes you through snow, over water, across rough terrain, or around the country, you need the proper insurance to protect yourself and your investment.

Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella products provide additional financial protection and peace of mind. We offer competitive rates and options to extend coverage to additional residences like rental properties.

Guardify Insurance Franchisee Experience

We’re looking for partners who want to own and operate a business that helps businesses succeed. Building local relationships and advising business owners has never been smoother. Gone are typical worries and hassles when partnering with other insurance franchises. We streamline the process and set you, the franchisee, up for beginning and continued success.

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