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Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits Insurance Coverage

At Guardify, we know that finding the right benefit package is essential for employee satisfaction, retention, and well-being. Our agents are prepared to help you find the right employee benefits insurance coverage in order to accommodate the scale of your company and any custom coverage options you would like to provide.

Our dedicated Guardify employee benefits team also makes every effort to assist your company in the registration process to avoid errors and ensure a positive and seamless enrollment experience.

Employee Benefits Insurance

What Type of Employee Benefit Providers Does Guardify Insurance Work With?

Guardify Insurance works with a number of employee benefits providers to offer a diverse selection of market options for employee benefits. Your Guardify agent can help you to search for, compare, and evaluate carrier options within your allocated budget to help you offer quality employee benefits that will meet or exceed legal minimum requirements for benefits provisions.

Depending on the type of employee benefits package you would like to provide, your Guardify agent can help you identify one or multiple packages to include elective options for your company.

What Types of Coverage Can Guardify Insurance Group Offer for Employee Benefits?

Guardify can offer can help build a suite of insurance coverages for your employees, including the following options:

  • Health insurance benefits
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) & Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Ancillary benefits

Working with an insurance agent can help you stay on top of any changing regulations so that you can keep your employee benefits offerings compliant and up-to-date.

Group Health Insurance Benefits

An employer's first obligation as far as employee benefits is health insurance. Guardify works with many carriers to provide group health insurance for employees so you can find the right fit for your company. Benefits of group health insurance can be selected according to your preference. Health benefits can include a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), as well as Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance.

Need employee benefits for your company?

Working with a Guardify agent can help you navigate state and federal legal requirements so you can find the right combination of benefits to offer your employees.

Life Insurance Employee Benefit

Some companies offer a life insurance employee benefit option as part of a package option for employees. Some individuals prefer to acquire their own life insurance, while others may find it more convenient or cost-effective to elect a workplace-provided option.

Providing a life insurance elective option for employees can demonstrate that the employer offers a complete and intentional portfolio of benefits that anticipates employee needs. Offering life insurance as an employee benefits package add-on also encourages employees to have a long-term, forward-thinking financial plan that provides for an employee and their loved ones.

Learn more about life insurance coverage options under Life Insurance in our Personal Lines.

Employee Benefits Liability Coverage Definition

Employee benefit liability insurance offers additional coverage for errors and omissions that may occur in the employee benefit administration process. Employee benefit administrators insurance helps to cover accidents or negligence in the employee benefits administration process that could result in lawsuits against a company. Your Guardify agent would be happy to discuss employee benefits liability coverage or employee benefits administration insurance along with your employee benefits package.

Our dedicated Guardify employee benefits team also makes every effort to assist your company in the registration process to avoid errors and ensure a positive and seamless enrollment experience.

Group Health Insurance in Texas

Texas Group Health Insurance includes health benefits and plans that are specifically applicable to businesses with employees in the state of Texas. If your business operations and employees are based in Texas, a group health plan that prioritizes Texas-based health networks can be a good option. As a Texas-based insurance company, Guardify is happy to help you find group health benefits in the Lone Star State.

Group Health Insurance in Texas

Group Health Benefits Requirements in Texas

Different states may have different minimum health insurance requirements for employees. States may also designate the terms under which an employer is obligated to offer benefits coverage for employees or contractors. Businesses in Texas may find the Texas Department of Insurance ( to offer helpful information regarding minimum requirements for offering employee benefits in Texas.

Small Business Health Insurance in Texas

Small businesses in Texas need to offer health insurance benefits to employees, but group health plans that are designed to meet the needs of large companies are often not the right fit for small businesses. Guardify has access to some unique policy options for small businesses in Texas, so that you can offer great benefits for your team without adding to your administrative burden.

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