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Distributors & Wholesalers Insurance

Wholesalers & Distributors Insurance Coverage

Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance offers several combined policies that are essential for businesses and that focus on wholesale and distribution of products. Distributors and Wholesalers Insurance can include general liability insurance, workers compensation, property coverage, commercial auto liability, excess options, certain categories of logistics or cargo coverage, or inland marine coverage.

Distributors and Wholesalers Insurance

Who is Distributors & Wholesale Insurance For?

Distributor insurance and wholesaler insurance applies for any business that distributes products, including the following categories of goods:

  • Food distributors
  • Jewelry wholesale distributors
  • Auto supplies distributors
  • Auto parts distributors
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Perishable goods distributors
  • Machinery parts distributors
  • Nutritional and nutraceutical supplement distributors

What Is Business Owners Policy Insurance?

Some distributors insurance or wholesaler insurance may overlap with what is called business owner policy insurance.

Business owner's policy insurance, similar to distributor and wholesaler insurance, combines select coverages to meet the unique needs of a business owner. These coverages can include commercial general liability insurance, property and equipment coverage, and worker's compensation coverage. A business owner policy may also include business income and extra expense insurance coverage, which helps to cover losses that may occur due to a temporary shutdown of your business (such as a result of a fire or other type of loss included in the policy).

Business Owners Policy Insurance

Business Owner Policy Insurance vs. Distributors and Wholesaler Insurance

If you're not sure whether you need distributors and wholesaler insurance or business owner's policy insurance, a Guardify agent can help you to evaluate your risks and coverage priorities to determine which type of insurance will be a better add-value package for your business. A commercial insurance business owners policy may offer different limits, deductibles, and premium requirements compared to a wholesaler insurance policy, but both types of insurance offer customizable coverage options that can be adapted to your business needs. Comparing policy options specific to your category of products can help you find the best option for your business.

Business Owners Policy Insurance vs. General Liability

In considering general liability insurance vs business owners policy, it may be helpful to recognize that a business owners policy typically includes elements of commercial general liability along with additional relevant coverages based your business operations and requirements. A business owners policy may also include additional coverage for property, equipment, workers compensation, or inland marine that a basic commercial general liability policy may not include.

Types of Wholesaler or Distributor Insurance

Wholesalers insurance can be adapted based on the types of products or goods that your business distributes or wholesales. Learn more about a few specific options below. Since distributors insurance is available for many products, discuss your specific products and related risks with a Guardify agent to develop a complete coverage package for your business.

Types of Wholesaler or Distributor Insurance

Food Distributor Insurance

Food distributors, food wholesalers, and nutrition and supplement distributors face unique regulatory requirements as well as time-sensitive risks as far as perishability and storage. Food distributor insurance can include coverage for product losses due to delivery or logistics failures. It can also include coverage for property and may even offer logistics related coverage options such as excess auto liability. Your Guardify agency can help you to determine the best combination of policies based on your food product niche and range of distribution, so you get the right coverage for every aspect of your business.

Wholesale Beverage Distributor Insurance

Beverage wholesalers and beverage distributors require insurance to protect their business and products. Certain beverages may require temperature-controlled environments for storage and may require special shipping and handling to avoid losses in transport. Like other distributors, a beverage distributor may face losses due to cargo delays or product expiration. Insurance for beverage distributors considers these unique risks for the beverage industry and can include customizable elements to cover your operations.

Jewelry Wholesale Distributors Insurance

Jewelry wholesalers and jewelry distributors may be at a higher risk of facing theft-related losses. Insurance for jewelry distributors can include property coverage, transportation and cargo, storage, and product losses due to theft or damage. If the jewelry business involves jewelry manufacturing or import or export of high-value goods or fragile materials, additional policies may be needed to protect a business from losses due to a delayed or damaged shipment. A business owner’s policy for a jewelry and wholesale distributor should include elements that cover all aspects of the business from general liability to property to inland marine as needed.

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