Contractor Liability Insurance

As a contractor, it’s crucial to have coverage for the unexpected. Contractor liability insurance helps protect your employees and assets against covered losses or lawsuits, but what other coverage should you consider? Your Guardify agent will work with you to find the right insurance to minimize your risk and maximize your protection.


Do You Need Contractor Insurance?

We can help reduce your risk with contractor insurance for the following professions:

  • Construction contractors
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • HVAC contractors
  • Pool & spa contractors
  • Alarm contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Railroad contractors

Ready for peace of mind? We can get your contracting business covered with business liability insurance and more. Your agent will answer your questions about what’s covered and what each type of insurance does not cover, reducing your company’s specific risks.


Customized Coverage for Your Contractor Business

Your agent will get to know your contractor business and build coverage based on your unique needs. Some types of insurance coverage your agent may recommend:

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Contractors all risk insurance
  • Business income insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • …and more

Insurance requirements for contracting businesses vary by state. Our agents know each state’s requirements and can help you select the best coverage available. Guardify is committed to helping keep your contracting company protected against the unexpected.



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Why Choose Us

More Business Contractors Are Choosing Guardify

We focus on you, the business owner. Guardify approaches risk from a holistic point of view. We identify insurance solutions not only for your business but also for your employee benefits and beyond. Together, we can achieve your goals as a business owner.

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We promise to provide upfront pricing

We promise to provide
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We promise to provide
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Guardify Insurance Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Guardify provide?

    We provide comprehensive business insurance solutions to industries we know. Our agents use a holistic approach to insurance coverage, building your coverage based on your company’s unique needs.

  • What sets Guardify apart?

    At Guardify, we focus on you: the business owner. We shop the entire market of insurance products to build customized coverage for your business. Take the focus off your insurance and back on your success.

  • Which industries do you work with?

    Our Guardify agents have in-depth, continuing knowledge in construction, healthcare, cargo & logistics, financial, hospitality, technology, manufacturing, and more.

  • What other services do you provide?

    Our agents can also help build benefits packages for your employees, as well as protection for personal assets and liabilities for owners, directors, and officers.

  • Why is your customer service the best?

    Our agents are continuously trained on the most up-to-date information regarding your industry. We work with industries we know, so you can rest assured that your agent’s recommendations are trustworthy.

  • What can I expect when I call Guardify?

    No more wondering who you’ll get on the phone when you call to ask questions or submit a claim. When you meet your agent, they’re your agent for the long haul. We love building great relationships with our clients. Call us today to be matched with your agent!

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